For some of you it has been a long, long wait, but Gideon’s story is finally out! To Capture a Rake, book 2 in the Seduction Series, has arrived! Interested? Read the blurb below!

In all his time as a male prostitute at Lavender Hills, Gideon Drake has never been hired out, never been allowed to leave the gilded cage in which he pleasures the well-heeled wives of London. So when a young widow convinces Lady Lavender to release her prize stud for a week-long seduction at a country estate, Gideon spies his chance for escape. It is the perfect plan—until his beautiful client reawakens a passion he thought long dead…
After her husband’s death, Elizabeth Ashton knows she must remarry, but not just any man will do. She must find Lord Ashton’s long-lost bastard nephew and convince him to wed, cementing his claim to the family fortune. Of course, rescuing herself from certain ruin means venturing into Lavender Hills and putting her life into the hands of a dark, handsome rogue as notorious for his cold heart as he is for his sexual expertise. Somehow, Elizabeth must convince him to love her, to marry her, and ultimately to save her.
One touch will ignite the flame of their passion. One kiss will prove this liaison unlike the others. Bound by desire and need, only together are they strong enough to face down their enemies—and to claim the promise of love.

I love this review on Amazon by Amy:

“I enjoy a good romance story from time to time, but I’m always frustrated by the fact that you can guess the ending from about the second chapter. I was pleasantly surprised by the twists and turns in “To Capture a Rake”. The main story line (the romance) went as expected, but the mysteries along the way kept my attention. I don’t want to give the story away, but it suffices to say, I was surprised by two different developments in the story.

This is a big step outside my normal genre of Christian fiction, and I very much enjoyed it. That said, this is not a book I’d leave lying around for my daughter to peek at– it’s definitely adult material.

Disclosure: I received an Advance Reader’s Copy of this book in exchange for posting my honest review.”

This is the second book in the series but you can read it on it’s own. Read below for a list of the books in the series.

Book 1: To Seduce an Earl (available now!) 

Book 2: To Capture a Rake (available now!)

Book 3: To Please a Lady (coming out in November!)

P.S. These books are for 18 and up!