I’ve heard a lot of people complaining lately about having to cut back on their book buying trips. Or, if not cutting back, they’re at least thinking twice before they buy a book. But you don’t have to give up your books! I have a secret to tell you, authors like to give away free books! In fact, many times authors get books just to give away. Now granted, those books have to go to reviewers first, and they are limited in amount and do go fast. But still, free books are out there floating around, just waiting for a reader.

I try to give books away as much as possible and thanks to the amazingly generous authors I’ve interviewed, it’s been rather easy. But I’m not the only blog that gives away books. In fact, just in the past month, I’ve won three books by leaving comments on Yankee Romance Review (http://yankeeromancereviewers.blogspot.com/) and author Kelly Moran’s blog (http://authorkellymoran.blogspot.com/).

So time to share! Are there any other blogs you know of that tend to give away freebies?