As you probably noticed, I just received the cover for my second book, Wild Desire. This second book stars Colin, Ella’s cousin in Wild Heart. So obviously there are some similarities to the first book; we have visits from old characters and we still have a little mystery. But Wild Desire is much more adventurous and has a bit more paranormal. It was really a joy to write. Want to read the back cover blurb? Here it is!


In what feels like a moment, Beatrice Edmund goes from being a proper lady cooped up in a stuffy Scottish castle to traveling miles from anything she’s ever known, in the midst of the wildest adventure of her life. And at the center of that adventure is the most infuriating, puzzling scoundrel on earth. She cannot take her eyes off him.


Colin Fitch cannot deny he’s drawn to Beatrice—but lust is all he could possibly feel for the sharp-tongued minx. Still, if there’s a chance she can help him stop the madman he pursues, he must withstand her obvious disapproval. Yet withstanding the longing he feels for her is growing more troublesome by the second… And Colin has never been terribly good at staying out of trouble…