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Interview and Giveaway!

Interview and Giveaway! I’m honored to be the first author of the month on A Dirty Book Affair! Stop by for your chance to win some of my books. Your choice, YA or Historical adult romance!

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Arriving in 2013!

Although it might seem like I haven’t had a book out in some time, I am hard a work! 2013 will be a busy year for me, and I have plans for multiple novels! Want a sneak peek? Read on to see covers and blurbs for my books that will be released in 2013!

Coming in June! For 18 and Up

If you’ve read and enjoyed my historical romances, you’ll be thrilled to know that To Capture a Rake, book 2 in my Seduction Series, will be out in June! Read the blurb below! Book 3, To Please a Lady, will be out toward the end of the year.

To Capture a Rake

In all his time as a male prostitute at Lavender Hills, Gideon Drake has never been hired out, never been allowed to leave the gilded cage in which he pleasures the well-heeled wives of London...
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Sneak Peek! Make Me a Match!

               Check out a sneak peek of my next YA Paranormal, coming Spring/Summer of 2013!

                                      Make Me A Match


                                    Chapter 1


“Come on. Make your move, you jerk.”

For three freaking weeks I’d been watching him. Three freaking weeks I’d been forced to shadow his every dull move…spying on some pathetic man’s life in order to get that one photo opportunity that would pay next month’s rent.

It’d never bothered me before, why now did I feel so frustrated with my life?

I sighed and lowered the camera...
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Free Podcast of The Art of Seduction!

A few months back Amanda McCall emailed to ask if she could turn my historical romance, The Art of Seduction (a short story) into a podcast! I readily agreed and its now up on her awesome site, RomPod, read by Amanda in her equally awesome accent.

You can head to the site to download it for free, and listen to other short stories as well!

P.S. This historical romance is for 18 and up! Rated R!

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Giveaway on Magical Musings!

I’m on magical musings today and giving away a book on cd of To Seduce an Earl! Stop by for a chance to win.

I’ve also posted the rough draft, first chapter of Nora’s Novella (The Mind Readers) on my facebook page!

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Winners of To Seduce an Earl

The 3 winners of a printed copy of To Seduce an Earl are…

christina roberts



Please send me an email with your mailing address!

In other news…
I’ve heard word from Amazon that book two, To Capture a Rake (Gideon’s story) will be out in June!

Have a wonderful holiday everyone! Take care!

P.S. All winners from all other blogs have been contacted 🙂

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Relaunch of To Seduce an Earl

As you may or may not know…

Last spring Amazon’s publishing branch Montlake purchased the rights for To Seduce an Earl and the two books that will follow. Today is the relaunch of To Seduce an Earl!

When I wrote this book is was a rather unique story for me. I’m the kind of author that tends to have a lot of action in my books and external struggle. To Seduce an Earl was the first book I wrote that focused more on emotion, or the internal. Yes, the book is rather unique in that its about male prostitutes in Victorian England, but I wanted to make sure it had some emotional realism to it. I was greatly relieved when I got this review from The Season:

“Brighton perfectly captures the detachment sex workers develop to cope with their lives (yes, my day job as a social worker recognized this...

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Mind Readers Short Story Info

I’ve had a few questions about the short story I’ll be working on for the Mind Readers. Honestly, I have decided very little at this point as I’m super busy at work on a historical romance. But what I can tell you is that it will be 99 cents and will be in Nora’s pov. And yes…Maddox will be in the story as well. As for when it will be released, I don’t know! Probably not until spring of 2013.

P.S. Sorry if I haven’t gotten back to you, I’ve been ridiculously busy 🙂

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Release Date!

The week of Sept 17th is when The Mind Games will be available! That’s right, I’m giving you a date! Although because it takes anywhere from a day to a week for different places to publish the book, I can’t give you a specific day. You’ll be able to find the 3rd book in the Mind Readers series on Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook and Apple Itunes!

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The Mind Game Excerpt

I’m still hard at work getting book 3 of the Mind Readers ready. I’m hoping for a mid Sept release, in case you’re wondering. I know some of you are eager to read book 3 and so as a little treat, I have another excerpt! It’s not long, but hope you enjoy!

“Where is he?” I demanded.

Maddox glanced at Lewis’ empty cell, his face revealing no emotion. “He’s gone.”

“Gone where?” I jumped to my feet, stumbling as the room spun. He started to reach for me, but I jerked back. I didn’t want him to touch me, couldn’t stand for him to put his hands on me.

With a sigh of frustration, he moved away and paced the small space. It was then that I noticed Maddox wore a dark suit, an expensive suit, and the memory of the party at the compound came back to haunt me...

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