I’m hard at work on The Mind Thieves, book two in The Mind Readers Trilogy. Because I just can’t help it, here’s a snippet of chapter 2! Look for The Mind Thieves in April!!!!

“Let go!” I screamed, digging my heels into the sand and arching against him.

“Not until you listen.” His sunglasses were gone, as well as his smirk. He looked annoyed, thoroughly.

At least I could take some comfort in the fact that I’d swiped that grin from his face. But as his grip on my wrists tightened, my gloating fled. I focused on his steel colored eyes, reached out with my mind, attempting to read his thoughts, but heard nothing. His brain was blank. Startled, I actually stopped fighting him for a moment. What was he? “Your father sent me,” he stated.

I jerked against his grip, seething, but my arms were pinned too tightly to the sand. “You’re lying. My father died years ago.”

The ocean breeze felt oddly chill against my clammy skin. Was he another mind reader? Could it be possible? I knew we weren’t the only ones, and, in fact, Grandma had finally admitted my father had been a Mind Reader as well. But I sure as heck had never expected to be tackled by one.

Another car zoomed by on the dirt road, oblivious to my struggle.

“We don’t have time for this,” he hissed. “You’re going to shut up and you’re going to come with me, got it?”

He was nervous a witness would come along, and he should be. There were many who walked the beach in the evening. But I wasn’t about to drag some innocent bystander into this mess.

Time to take drastic measures. I lifted my knee and hit him directly in the groin. Maddox sucked in a sharp gasp, his eyes going wide with surprise. He released my right arm as he stumbled to the side. It was all I needed. I jerked my left arm free and shoved the palms of my hands into his hard chest, throwing him off balance. Jumping to my feet, I didn’t dare look back, but raced up the beach, toward our cottage.