I’m doing a giveaway! Haven’t had one in awhile and never for a YA audience. Of course anyone can enter, male or female, YA or Adult!

At the beginning of summer we went to Disney World. Yeah, fairy tales and happily ever after… I’m a romance writer, it’s not surprising I love Disney World! This giveaway is all about Disney and princesses!

So what am I giving away?

-A small vinyl/plastic Mickey Mouse bag. (see top left)
-A small button pin (see top right)
-A Cinderella Keychain (see bottom left)
-Gummi Mickeys (see bottom right)
-A hardback copy of The Selection by Kiera Cass (a book about princesses; haven’t read it, but it sounds good!)
-And a small tiara which you can wear while eating your candy and reading your book (see bottom right).

Just leave your name in the comment section and your email addy so I can get ahold of you! I’ll pick 1 winner in a week or so. Countries outside the U.S. are welcome!