Now that The Demon Hunter is out (book 2 in the Hunter Series) you might be wondering if there will be a book 3. The answer? Well, as Justin Bieber says, never say never.

But… if I had to answer at this point I’d have to say …. No. The end. Done with the series. Why, you might be wondering? Well, for one I have other books I’d like to write.

But mostly it’s because I have looked at how book 1 was received. Although I’ve had quite a few sales for The Ghost Hunter (book 1) and quite a few positive reviews, I’ve read far too many reviews that said “This is the worst book ever!” Frankly, I don’t want to spend my time continuing a series that a lot of people seem to dislike. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to base my writing on what reviews say, and I’m certainly not telling you to stop writing reviews. What I am saying is as an author when you get more than a few 1-2 star reviews for a book, it’s time to take a step back and pack your bags, show’s over.

As I’ve stated before, reviews do matter, not only to the reader but to the author. As much as authors pretend not to, we do read reviews and take them seriously. I’ve learned a lot from the reviews of The Ghost Hunter; about what readers like and dislike. It’s certainly been a learning experience for me.

So at this point, The Demon Hunter will be the last book in the Hunter Series…. in case you were wondering 🙂