I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking when the third book in the Mind Readers trilogy will be released… I’m hoping early fall! Yes, it seems far off, but hey, its sooner than the time period between book 1 and 2! lol.

As for the title…

My cousin Aaron (yes, I named evil Aaron from book 1 and 2 after him 🙂 mentioned a title that really fit right. Only problem was that it sounded very similar to another YA that is very popular right now. I didn’t want people to feel as if I’d copied. But he hasn’t been the only one to like the title or suggest it. All of my writer friends think I should use it. So they’ve talked me into it. Are you ready? The third book will be called….

The Mind Games!

Yes, I’m sure you now know which book I’m discussing with the similar title. There are many books titled Mind Games, or The Mind Game, so I don’t feel too bad using it. I just couldn’t pass it up as it fit so well. Poor Cameron has had so many games played with her mind, how could I not use it? So there you go…

In early fall the third and final book, The Mind Games, will be out!

P.S. You can always go to my Contact Page and send me an email. I’d be happy to contact you when any of my books come out! Just let me know which one you’re interested in!