I have a problem. You see, I’m addicted to finding treasure.

My mother dragged me at an early age to antique stores and yard sales in order to find the elusive artifact. This is probably what started my own compulsive desire to find unique and interesting things. If you’d visit my home, you’d find a plethora of stones and fossils. At the beach, while others are sunbathing, I’m searching for shells. When hiking, I’m the one in the creek bed, hunched down, looking for fossils. It’s why, in college, I went into archaeology. But to be honest, archaeology, especially in the Midwest, is more sifting through dirt than finding buried treasure.

It’s not just in nature that I’m trying to find treasure. No, in the jungles of the mall I’m searching for that great deal, too. Last week I got a jacket at Macys for $5. It was regular $48. Yep, that’s right, I’m bragging. It’s odd what a high a woman can get from finding a bargain. The same sort of high I get when I find a rare shell at the beach. My husband doesn’t understand my obsession with finding “treasures”. He suggested I put a sign on said jacket that reads, “Purchased for $5, regular $48.” Perhaps I will.

Of course, treasure hunting could be an innate trait found in women. We gatherers, searching for the best berry bush, then gabbing to our Neanderthal girlfriends that yes, indeed, we found the best one and only had to walk five miles barefoot while using a stick to fight off a Saber tooth tiger.

Now, as a writer, I’m constantly searching. Searching for the best words, the most unique plot, the most brilliant sentence structure. And when I finally come up with that perfect blend of poetry in a sentence, the high is better than shopping, shockingly enough!

So, tell me, do you get a high from sales? What treasures or amazing deals have you found in the wilds of nature or in the wilds of the mall? How about a book? Some amazing find you couldn’t put down?

In case you missed it in the comments section, the winner of Harris Channing’s wonderful book is ….

Daun Ann!

Check back later this week to read an interview with Kensington author Delilah Marvelle and for a chance to win a copy of her super hot historical!

Until the next blog, let the hunting begin!