I am determined to do more traveling this year. With that said…

This spring I’ll be headed to two romance writer’s conferences. The first will be in March, The Silken Sands conference in Florida. It’s on the beach! How could I not go?! My friend and fellow author, Beverley Kendall will be the main speaker at the conference and Bev and I will be doing a workshop on Self Publishing. There will also be a book signing on Saturday where you’ll be able to find me.

The second conference will be April in Chicago. I’ll have to fly and I hate flying! Scary. This major conference is the Romantic Times Convention. I’ve never gone before, but have heard the R.T. Conference can be wild and crazy fun. I’ll be doing another workshop on Self Publishing, this one with authors Jackie Barbosa and Kim Killion. Unfortunately, I won’t be doing the book signing there, but heading out early Saturday before the signing.

So, if you’re at either conference, please stop by and say hi! If we’ve met before, remind me! I’ve met so many people that it’s hard to remember 🙂