I’ve gotten a lot of emails lately. So many that I seriously need an assistant to keep up! Most are for The Mind Readers series. I’m trying desperately to respond to them all, but please forgive me if I miss one. This month has been ridiculously busy.

Not only am I trying to write (of course), but my son has been sick almost nonstop. First it was a vomiting illness that I was lucky enough to get as well. Then he got a spider bite and had a reaction (had to be put on meds). And now he’s getting over a cough and pneumonia. Seriously, this has all happened in one month.

If you read my blog you know our dog Jack died a little over a month ago. Well, this morning our cat died too 🙁 Hasn’t been a good year for pets in our household. Our cat’s name was Nealy. We’d gotten her from my husband’s coworker who could no longer care for her because her daughter was allergic to cats. She was such a sweet cat. The first two years she lived with us she refused to come down the stairs because she was terrified of our dog.

Funny enough one day we returned home and Nealy was sleeping next to Jack. It was the only time I’d ever seen her next to him, but it made me wonder if her disgust with the dog was all an act. We were fortunate enough to get a picture. In the last year she transferred her disgust to her our new cat, Cookie. Cookie came here a year ago acquiring two instant friends. Well, one friend (Jack) and one frenemy (Nealy). Now its only him.

Anyway, I wanted to apologize in case I’ve been mia, and wanted to explain why I might not have replied to your emails. I promise I’ll try to get to them and if I don’t and you have any questions, please feel free to contact me again! And just to let you know, sometimes when I do respond the emails bounce back, so make sure you type the addy correctly.