The winners of the Wendy Wax book are….




Seriously, I just pull these names from a bag. Send me your addresses girls, and I’ll mail out those books!

If you didn’t win, I highly recommend you run out and buy Wendy’s book. Not only is it a delightfully fun and emotional read, but it also shows the inner workings of getting published and trying to stay published.

I’m hoping soon to interview another Atlanta area author, Stephanie Bond! So check back for that interview!

As for myself, I have some good news, I just finished my second Kensington book!!! The second is a spinoff of the first. I took a secondary character from the first book and gave him his own book. And I have to admit, I truly enjoyed writing this second book. I plan on going over it a couple times, then sending it off to the editor and agent! Although I enjoyed writing it, I am glad it’s done!

Have a good week everyone and if you’re going to the RWA conference, have fun!