It’s official, I’m a southern lady. Yes, I’ve left the farmlands and cornfields of Indiana and moved to Georgia. I will now commence to sitting on the veranda and sipping iced tea. Except we don’t have a veranda and I hate iced tea. I know, how dare I move south and not like iced tea! My secret shame I’ll have to keep from the neighbors.

Yesterday had us driving twelve hours to our new home. I’m exhausted. We had to take two cars and some how I ended up in the vehicle with the kid, dog and cat while my husband was able to drive his car in blissful silence. I’ve already been told the children in the neighborhood play baseball, of course the one sport my son doesn’t really know. He’s more of a soccer boy. I’ve already got it planned out. He’ll play professionally in England and buy his Mum a cottage by the coast.
My cousin Aaron informed me that in the South it is my responsibility to say something gossipy about a person, then follow it with a “bless her heart.” So I’ll be practicing my southern speech while I unpack.
I’ll be a bit absent for the next few days, but until the next post, here’s a little site for you to play with!

P.S. This week I’ll be posting an interview with Rita Nominee Gwyn Cready! She’ll be giving away two of her books!