The winner of On These Silken Sheets and Men of the Otherworld is….


Cecile, the hussy, please send me your mailing address so I can get those out to you. Fear not, my little followers, I have a few more goodies up my sleeve, but first…

Good news on the publishing front. Wild Desire, my second book, is up for preorder on Amazon! Woohoo! Wild Desire stars Colin, a secondary character from my first book. This book is much more adventurous and has a little more paranormal, imo.

Now, what shall I give away today…hmm…aha.

How about a hardback copy of Meg Cabot’s book Insatiable! Oh yes, that’s right, a hardback. Unfortunately the book is not signed. Sorry, but I just couldn’t wait in that Meg Cabot line; was a bit long.

Everyone at the conference got a copy and you can all thank my good friend Leigh LaValle. She was flying home and had to limit her luggage weight. Or, I guess, you can thank the airlines for being so stingy nowadays. She gave me her copy and I’m going to give it to one of you. So, you know the drill, leave a comment and a way to contact you! I’ll announce the winner on Friday.