If you noticed that I was rather quiet lately it’s because I was at the Romance Writers of America Conference in very hot and humid Orlando, Fl. This was a four day event with over 2,000 readers, authors, book buyers editors and agents. Crazy and exhausting, but super fun.

The conference contains meals with guest speakers, as well as workshops on the writing biz and best of all, book signings. Wednesday night’s book signing was not free and open to the public. But Thursday and Friday, for conference attendees only, there were signings that were absolutely free!!!! Yes, that means the books were free. As you can imagine the lines were long and people often got in line an hour beforehand. You miss workshops, but for me the best part of the conference was sitting in these lines and getting to know the people around me.

I managed to get quite a few free books (it’s hard to pass them up when they’re free) and of course I picked up some to give away to you!

So if you’d like to win the two books below, you know what to do.

Maggie Shayne’s Killing Me Softly: I didn’t have a chance to meet Maggie, so the book is not signed.


Sara Lindsey’s Tempting the Marquess. Sara’s book is signed and I have to say she’s the sweetest little thing, full of smiles and friendliness.

I’ll talk more about the conference later, but right now I’m too tired!

So if you’d like the chance to win these two books, leave a comment and email addy! I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday.