I stopped at Target the other day, which is never a good thing. I can’t enter the store without buying something, especially when they have a sale. But really, as I’ve repeatedly explained to my husband, when something is 75% off, it’s just wrong not to buy it.

Anyway, I found a candle on sale, Moroccan Spice. A warm, spicy scent that reminded me of men’s cologne. An odd fragrance for a candle, but I realized as I picked it up, the perfect scent for the hero of my current work in progress.

Silence please. I will now take a moment to discuss my next book:
See, the current work in progress is a spin-off of the first book coming out in November. The hero is very much an Indiana Jones-type character, so if you enjoy the movies, hopefully you’ll enjoy the book. The setting is definitely different from the norm, taking place in 1850s India. A time and place full of exotic sights and smells.

Of course I bought the candle and plan to sniff it repeatedly while I’m working on my book, no matter how many odd looks I get from the people at the coffee shop. Buying the candle made me wonder what else could I do to set the mood for my next book. Perhaps eat only Indian food for the next three months? Listen to Indian music? Rent Bollywood movies?

Yesterday, I got to see my niece cheer for her basketball team. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if next time I sat down to write, I had cheerleaders with rustling pom poms, chanting my name? Okay, maybe that would get a little annoying. My question is, what do you do to get into the mood to write? If not writing, then a hobby, sport or job?

And of course, before I wax on too much (ha, no pun intended) about my candle, the winners from my first blog drawing are……


Email me with your addresses, and I’ll ship off your grand prize! Unfortunately, the grand prize does not include cheerleaders chanting your name.

As a special treat, next week I’ll be interviewing a wonderful writer and great friend, Harris Channing. Stop by for your chance to win one of Harris’ hot, romantic books just in time for Valentines Day!