Here in the United States, we’re getting ready for a slew of holidays. First, comes Halloween. If you don’t know what it is, Halloween is a night when children (and some parents) dress in costume and go door to door asking for candy. Halloween goes back to old Celtic times, but we won’t get into that just yet.

To celebrate Halloween, I decided to lower my paranormal self-published Ebooks to 99 cents for a limited time! So, for the next couple weeks, you can get The Mind Readers, A Night of Secrets, The Ghost Hunter and even To Seduce an Earl for 99 cents. To Seduce an Earl isn’t exactly paranormal, but that’s okay. Just follow the links below!
The Mind Readers: Amazon, Barnes and Noble
A Night of Secrets: Amazon, Barnes and Noble
The Ghost Hunter: Amazon, Barnes and Noble
To Seduce an Earl: Amazon, Barnes and Noble
In other news, I’m still hard at work on The Demon Hunter, the second book in the Ghost Hunter series. And it will still be out around December, just in time for Christmas:) Have a great week!