I think the most interesting part of publishing is the work that goes on while we skip about our days, completely unaware. For instance, I was suddenly given a quote for my book and a book cover when I didn’t even know they were working on them. Just today my friend Kimberly Killion told me that my book is now listed on Kensington’s website. It’s been on Amazon for awhile (although with the wrong price, just to warn you). I went to Kensington’s site and indeed, there it was.

Things are moving rather fast now, while for the first few months after I signed the contract, the weeks seemed to drag with nothing new. A few weeks ago my wonderful editor Megan contacted me and told me my copy edits would be arriving. I’d heard of copy edits, mostly said with a sense of foreboding. I knew they were time sensitive and I’d seen many a postings about authors trembling or complaining when they’d received their edits. I was certainly interested to know what all the talk was about.
The package arrived and it was basically a print out of my book. 400 pages of mistakes. They wrote in red pencil like a teacher reprimanding a dense pupil. And yes, I felt a little dense. I was supposed to either accept the changes or argue them, and fix the few things they wanted changed. Mostly the problems were grammatical, not surprising. I had about ten days to mail the package back.

Getting the copy edits was rather like working with a critique partner, but copy edits are all business. There’s no “Ha! what a great line” or “wonderful sentence.” If you’re looking for someone to pat you on the back, think again. But then I suppose that pat comes when they send you the contract and advance. 🙂

Still, seeing all those marks has made me realize what I need to work on. Apparently, I haven’t a clue where the hell a comma needs to go. Okay, I already knew that I’m grammatically challenged. And I don’t know when to use lay and lie. And there is that little problem I have with past and passed. I can just imagine the copy editor marking the millionth comma and shaking her weary head. I kept turning the pages waiting to see “You suck! Go back to school!” in red pencil. Fortunately, they managed to hold back.

Next up are the final edits. And meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out how to do the most cost effective promo I can. I’ve been emailing people about blogging, looking up book reviewers, wondering how much it takes to bribe for a good review 😉 And, of course, I’ve been working on that second book. Still editing away. I am making progress, honest!
And no, I don’t need you to point out all the grammatical mistakes I just made in this blog. 🙂
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