Inspired by one of my favorite artists, Heather at Audrey Eclectic, I’ve been knitting lately. Heather does all kinds of nifty crafts and she does them beautifully.

Actually, my foray into knitting goes back a couple years when my friend Nadia got me knitting needles and a book for my birthday. I attempted to knit a scarf, but grew frustrated and stopped, ending up with a nice little square I called a pot holder.
But reading Heather’s blogs about her knitting got me into gear. It’s hard to knit via the instructions in a book. Fortunately, I found these wonderful clips online that show you rather well how to go about knitting, just in case you care to know. So now I’m on my way to making a scarf for my son. Unless the cat gets to the yarn first. She does love to play with the yarn and needles.
Tell me, is there any crafty fun you like to do that you can share? And better yet, give us a great book or site that you like to use!
P.S. Thanks so much to everyone who has emailed to let me know how much they liked Wild Heart. I so appreciate your kind words!