Just a quick reminder, I’m at Desert Island Keepers today and tomorrow! Tomorrow I’ll be giving away books.

Now, I have received the next set of finalists. Before I list them, I asked Megan if you could still send her a query via the regular Kensington query rules if you didn’t final, this is her response:

“It’s fine if they send a query. They don’t even have to mention the contest if they don’t want to.”

So there you go. You can absolutely still query Kensington if you didn’t final at all, or if you finaled in the first round, whatever. Don’t give up! Still send those queries!

Now, the next set of finalists:

When a Heart Dares—Kathleen Bittner Roth

Ransom’s Captive—Kat Duncan

What’s the Worst That Can Happen—Terri

A Knight’s Victory—Eliza Knight

Divine Awakening—Michelle Johnson

My Shackled Marquess—Rhea

The Highland Touch—Pat Thomas

For those who finaled, send me your first chapter. Not more than 15 pages, including that first page. I need those chapters asap!!!!!!

The final winner will be announced next week on the blog!