It’s the weekend! Any plans?

My son has baseball today. We’ve signed him up because apparently, that is the sport one plays in the South. Other than that, who knows what we’ll do this weekend…maybe hiking…or visit a museum. How about you?
First, a story about a sixteen year old girl who saved a handful of kids when their bus driver died! Using quick thinking, she was able to pull the break so no one else was harmed!

This next story is horrifying, yet so incredible. When an SUV crashed, it burst into flames, trapping a mother and her two children. Thankfully, two firemen were quickly on hand. You have to see this video and read the story. It’s truly amazing what can happen when people come together. It only takes one brave soul to rally the troops!

Finally, here’s a story out of London. Pick pockets who are actually putting money back into pockets! I love it; I just hope it doesn’t cause confusion.

Coming up, I have an amazing list of authors who will be interviewing and, of course, giving away books. Come here Saturday for an interview with Kensington author Anitra Lynn McLeod. She’ll be giving away a signed copy of her book.
Want a peek of who is to come?

Keena Kincaid
Janis Susan May
Stefanie Worth
D. Renee Bagby
Miranda Neville
Catherine Kean
Denise Robbins
Kate Austin
Kris Kennedy
Bonnie Edwardsand
Anthea Lawson

So come back tomorrow for a chance to win a book by Anitra Lynn McLeod!

Have a great Friday!