As mentioned earlier, last weekend I attended my first book store signing. Fortunately, I had author Beverley Kendall signing her debut novel with me.

Unfortunately, this signing was exactly as I expected. We were right up front in the store, on display and I couldn’t help but feel like a zoo animal as people would walk by and glance at us with this confused expression, probably wondering if were were going to ask them to sign up for a credit card.

But since Bev was there, the signing was actually fun. We met a wonderful woman, Betty, who came into the store for another book, but was kind enough to take pity on us and ask us about our writing. She ended up buying a copy of each book and said “I hope these are spicy.” lol. What a wonderful lady. The store, Borders, was also great and so helpful. Plus, the book signing gave me an excuse to wear the beautiful necklace that reader Betsy sent to me! How sweet was that?!

To help celebrate I’m giving away 2 signed copies of Bev’s debut, Sinful Surrender. You know the drill, just leave a comment and email addy! I’ll pick winners on Friday.