I’ve been frantically trying to smooth out my second Kensington book so I can send it off to the editor/agent, but had to take the time to look up the winners of the Rita awards. As I’ve mentioned before, the Ritas are just about the most prestigious award a romance writer can get. Every year Romance Writers of America holds a huge conference where the awards are presented.

I’m delighted to let you all know that Gwyn Cready won for best paranormal! If you remember, I interviewed Gwyn back in June. I’m not surprised Seducing Mr. Darcy won as it’s a delightful read. If you want a different sort of time travel then run out and pick up her book. After all, it is award winning. 😉

In other good news, I received my second review for my book Wild Heart which will be out in November. Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell gave Wild Heart four stars! The review won’t be posted until closer to the release date, but here are a few snippets to tide you over:

“Lori Brighton weaves together a beautiful historical…”

“This book has a bit of everything, a mystery, magic, romance and the hunt for the truth that will put lives in danger.”

You’ll have to wait closer to the release to read more!

And finally my last bit of good news. Cousin Aaron was kind enough to look up my ranking on Amazon. Ready for it?!!!!!

Sales Rank: #1,580,755

Woohoo! Watch out first place, I’m coming for your spot!

And just since I typed this, my rank slipped to…



Deep breath. I’m all right.

P.S. Come back soon for an interview with author P.J. Mellor and digital artist Melissa Nucera!