Hi all, I’m still deathly ill with some sort of flu. My friend and writing partner Christiana Cameron has decided to post a blog for me.

Let’s welcome Christiana!

With Halloween rapidly approaching, I had to figure out just what cute, girly costumes I could get my daughters into. Well, when I walked into Wal-Mart and saw the lovely “Southern Belle” costume, my mind immediately went back to GONE WITH THE WIND. (It didn’t hurt that the costume is totally a copy of young Scarlet O’Hara at the Wilkes BBQ.)

That got me to thinking about the clothes that women wore back in those romantic ‘good old days’. And how miserable they must have truly been…especially cinched up in a corset, enduring all those layers. Can you imagine the smell and feel on a hot August afternoon? You read about women getting the vapors. You see fainting couches in antique stores…so were the good old days all that good?

I was able to take my thinking one step further when the power went out where I live the other day. Not a flash or a fifteen minute inconvenience but three hours. By the end of the first, I was worrying about the food in the freezer. I couldn’t do any of my routine work around the house. Worse still NO computer!

So, with all that time to sit and think, I realized something else. Back then I wouldn’t have had all the help I’ve had…and that’s just cosmetically. No braces, no hair color (none worth a darn anyway), no make up (none that you could wear near a fire without fear of it melting away, and let’s not forget the lead in those cosmetics…yes I said lead!) My mother would be burdened with cataracts. My brother, sleep apnea. Worse still, a lot of people I know wouldn’t even have lived to middle age had they been born back then. One friend would have died in childbirth, another of appendicitis, still another from skin cancer. My grandparents wouldn’t have lasted as long as they have!

I put this to you; the reader…is history really all that romantic? Or are we darned lucky to live in the here an now with our treated water and air conditioning?

Oh, and if you wouldn’t mind…Death’s Angel at textnovel.com could sure use your vote. 😉

Thanks Lori and happy Halloween everyone!

Lori Again. I’ve got two signed books left from the conference I attended. So leave a comment. One person will win both books; A Texas Ranger’s Family by Mae Nunn and The Red Hat Club by Haywood Smith.

Hope to be back soon!