Hi all! Hope you had a great weekend. We went hiking Saturday. My husband claimed the trail was only 3.5 miles. He read the map wrong! It was 5.5 and I swear it was mostly uphill, with an overweight dog and a five year old who had just played an hour of soccer. Yeah, wasn’t exactly pleasant. I’m pretty sure my husband knew it was that long and was feigning his innocence. At about mile 4 I was seriously thinking of pushing him down a hill. He always thinks we’re in much better shape than we are. But other than that, it really was a beautiful weekend.

Today I’m over at All I Want And More with Cecile. She’s a fabulous romance reader and her blog is super fun. It’s my last scheduled interview, although I’m sure I’ll do another sometime between now and my second book release. But if you’d like one more chance to win Wild Heart, stop by!