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Today we have a special guest blog with fellow Kensington author Kit Donner. Kit has a new book out, The Vengeful Bridegroom, and her cover is just gorgeous. I usually do an interview, but Kit was wonderful enough to write up her own blog. So join me in welcoming Kit!

What is a Writer?

Let’s begin with what a writer is not. A writer is not someone who hopes to become rich and famous within a short amount of time and with very little effort. A writer is not someone who reads a few “How to Write” books and believes they know everything there is to learn about how to write a bestseller. A writer is not someone who thinks there’s a formula or key or magic potion that will unlock a savvy unique never-been-done manuscript that will have agents and editors fighting for. A writer is not someone that fits writing in once a week or once a month when they have nothing better to do, so they sit down in front of their computer to begin writing their magnum opus, which will take the rest of their lives to unfinish. A writer is not someone who can find a variety of reasons (Twitter, Facebook, anyone?) to not actually write because posting on social networks is kind of like writing, isn’t it? A writer is not someone who talks about the great books they plan to write but never actually gets past Chapter One.

So, then, what actually is a writer? Someone who finds writing as natural and as necessary as breathing. Published or unpublished, they’ll keep writing for joy, for fun, for remembrance, for the record, for they must. Their stories need to be shared. Their novels are actually records of history, of times past. They view life differently, ruminate longer on people, situations, emotions, relationships, politics, the weather, greed, power, family, sorrow, color, poverty, equality, and the list goes on. They’re not afraid to put their naked words in front of complete strangers and have them laughed at or admired or to find fault with or savor them for a rainy day. They are constantly striving to be better at story-telling, analyzing, informing, bewitching, examining, and moving, you, the reader. For if you are a writer, then you are a reader as well. All good writers get their start by reading other people’ works, and they never stop reading, growing, learning because writing is in their blood, it is their passion, their hobby, their love, their dream, their focus, their mission.

A writer is someone who has something to say and wants to share it with the world. No matter if their world is a child, their mother, or millions of complete strangers. Writers teach as who we are and who we want to become or simply make us forget about our real worries from life, if only for a little while. And maybe by our words, we can offer comfort, change someone’s life, surprise and delight, scare and thrill, and remind everyone that we all share the same human experience.

Kit Donner’s 2nd book, “The Vengeful Bridegroom” arrives in bookstores on Tuesday, September 7th. For more information on her books or to read an excerpt from her books, click on www.kitdonner.com.

Remember to leave a comment. Kit will be giving away a copy of her newest release, THE VENGEFUL BRIDEGROOM, to two people who leave a comment. Winners announced Thursday!