It’s time for the annual Renaissance/Medieval festivals to start! Here in the south, we have a lovely fair with permanent buildings made to look like the English Tudor style. If you’ve never been to a Renaissance Fair, I highly suggest attending. They’ll often have deals, such as two for one on tickets, which makes it worth going. The jokes and attendees can be raunchy, the woman’s clothing can be gaudy and low cut, but it’s still fun! A Renaissance Festival is one place where adults can dress up.

There are a variety of things to buy, foods to try and shows to watch. Of course you must see the jousting! It’s not a real Renaissance festival without a joust! Usually there will be a Bird of Prey show as birds were often used to hunt during the time period. Children love to see the birds swoop and fly over the audience. We also saw a sheep herding demonstration. And there are plenty, and plenty of comedy shows.
Because I’m in the Medieval mood, I’m giving away two Medieval books! The first is Saving Grace by my favorite author of all time, Julie Garwood, who made me fall in love with romance novels! She writes the absolute best heroes, imo. The other book is a new release I found while searching the store, Must Love Kilts by Allie MacKay… a real, actual time travel! Remember those? They still do exist! So just leave a comment and I’ll pick 1 winner in a couple days.
P.S. These are romances for adults…. so rated R!