I was just chatting with a fellow author and we were discussing the fact that the success of books has somewhat to do with reviews on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. When you go online you can’t help but notice those damn stars next to the book you’re thinking of buying. In fact, I noticed one day that in a review for my YA book the reader said she bought the book because of all the positive reviews. So its obvious reviews help.

I know of a lot of authors who ask for reviews from those people who have won their books, and I have once in awhile. But I’m from the Midwest and in the Midwest we are rather humble and maybe even a bit introverted. It’s never sat well with me to basically say, “Here, you won my book, now give me a review.” Imo, it sort of takes the fun away from winning the book. At the same time, an author relies so heavily on promotion and it’s obvious the authors who have more/better reviews sell more. So what to do?

It’s one thing to contact people and ask for reviews, but another to ask people who have won your book. But this is just my opinion. There are authors who will ask anyone and their readers happily oblige. But I want winners of my books to enjoy the win and not feel indebted. Perhaps I’m being silly and my sales will hurt for it, but it’s just not natural for me to ask those winners.

One thing I did start doing (which probably goes against Goodreads rules and I’ll end up getting kicked off) is that I’ve started messaging people on Goodreaders and asking if they want to review my book. This, I don’t feel so bad about.

But I am curious about how you feel when you’ve won a book and the author asks you do review? Do you not care, you’re happy to. Or do you feel indebted and put on the spot?