I keep getting emails about The Mind Readers, so I’m going to keep you updated here about the series.

As some of you may know, most authors have an agent who sells their books to N.Y. I did have an agent for awhile, but she didn’t work out. We parted ways and for a long time I had no agent. That’s what was great about self publishing, you don’t need an agent.

But just recently I got a new agent at Trident Media. She enjoyed The Mind Readers and wants to try and sell it to N.Y. so it will be out in print. The only problem with N.Y. is that they work rather slow compared to self publishing! But the good news is that if it sells it will be out in print, as many of you have asked for. She is having me make some very minor changes, mostly adding a couple scenes. Even if it doesn’t sell to N.Y. I’ll upload the new version and still write book two as an Ebook.

So there’s where I’m at right now. I’m making the minor changes and going to send that to her. While she’s looking it over I’ll write up the synopsis (outline) for book 2 and 3. Then, she’ll send it to N.Y. So there you are. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Meanwhile, I will still be self publishing book 2 for The Ghost Hunter and A Night Of Secrets.