Patricia Bates is just the sort of author I admire, a woman who writes unique, spicy and thrilling romances. Lucky for us she is not only interviewing on the blog today, but giving away an ecopy of one of her books. Join me in welcoming Patricia to the blog!

Can you tell us about your newest release?

Lol, my latest release hasn’t come out honestly. Its scheduled for November, 2010 through Passion in Print. However, my current release, In The hands of A Stranger is a special book. Its part of the Handyman Series from Blade Publishing.

Convicted of murder, Adam Butler spent two hellish years, being slaved out

to settlers for a few shillings a day, until he could buy his way to

freedom. After months at sea he’s finally on dry land – unknown and a pauper

– but free. When he saves an older, finely dressed Spanish gentleman he’s

offered employment as a handyman in repayment.

The daughter of a wealthy land owner, Evangelina La Reina Herrara Ortega has

been groomed from an early age to wed a man of her class and further her

father’s business dealings. Betrothed to Don Luis Santiago’s eldest son, she

journeys from her home in the small, wealthy city of Caceres to the Santiago

estate near Madrid to marry only to find a bone melting attraction to a man

forbidden to her.

The frosty Spanish beauty, sheltered all her life, is thrown together with

the tough Aussie ex-con by fate. Will these two be able to survive in the

wilds and build on the attraction they share?

Tell us about your road to publication.

I started writing when I was quite young, and for me the greatest thing would be to be a writer and author. And yes they are two very different things at least to me. I wrote for years, the dream to be published gathering dust in the back of my mind until someone suggested I try.

For me, I think the most difficult aspect of becoming published was gathering the courage to submit to my first publisher. Once I’d decided I wanted to, that I was ready, I joined writers groups and forums to learn more about the industry and made a friend who helped point me to an excellent publisher. Needless to say, just getting the request for a full was excitement for a week…actually getting that contract…I don’t think I sat down for two weeks!

You write historicals, contemporary and erotica. Any favorites and any other subgenre you’d like to try?

My favorite book that I’ve written has to be a toss up between Master’s Mistress and Borderline Sin. Master’s was my first ever contracted book…and Borderline Sin features a Canadian heroine, something that I can related to since I’m Canadian.

I’m heading toward the paranormal genre. I just signed my seventh contract for a ghostly romance between a 19th century ghost and the cowboy who moves into her house. Of course I’m still doing my historicals and have two in the works at the moment, lol.

What are you working on now?

My current works in progress is extensive. I’ve got a 5K erotic historical I’m hoping to have finished before the end of the month. I’ve got a 15K historical romance due to be submitted to Harlequinne’s new historical line, Historical’s Undone by the beginning of September, and I’ve got a Celtic romance that goes with Master’s Mistress that I’m currently doing more research on with plans to submit it to my publisher by the end of the year.

My idea book, however, has about six or seven full length novel ideas that I haven’t gotten to…but I will as soon as I’m done my 5K

Do you have any hobbies? What do you do when you’re not writing?

Hobbies for me are just as numerous as my books. I like to read, crochet, sew, hike, horseback ride, and paint. I may not be very good at the latter but it gives me something creative to do when I’m working on my next book.

Of course, I write as well. But I stick to things I have no intention of getting published, such as poetry, ‘fan fiction’ and other fun things.

Where can we find you on the web?

You can find me in several places, and for the most part at the same time lol. I’ve created a new forum for writers and readers, which is hosting some publishers and editors starting this September. The link is

My blogs,,, and of course my website(s) and my newest venture, an affordable editing company dedicated to the romance writer.

A special thanks to Patricia for stopping by.

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