I met Denise Robbins through our online writers groups. Like many of the authors I’ve met, she’s incredibly kind and interesting. Her books are getting great reviews and she’s started her own brand of books called techno-romance thrillers. What’s that, you ask? Read below to find out and for your chance to win one of her books!

Join me in welcoming Denise to the blog!

Tell us how you got started as a writer. Did you always want to be an author?

I have always been a writer, but I did not start pursuing writing with a passion until about six years ago when the company I worked for at the time laid me and a lot of other people off.

Since then, I cannot let a day go by where I do not write something. If I’m not working on my latest novel, chances are I am writing something for my blog.

How long did it take for you to get published once you had the first book done?

Once the book was finished, polished, and ready (my version of ready), it took a year of querying editors and agents to get my first book contract. Six months after that the book was in print. Yippee!

Can you tell us about “the call,” when you found out you’d sold your first book? Were you shocked? Or did you see it coming?

I did not see “the call” coming. Although, in my case, it was an email message that sent me into happiness overload.

I received an email message from the publisher one hot July afternoon last summer after I had just come inside from planting a bunch of flowers in my garden.

I think I re-read the message a good dozen times before it sunk in, before my brain said, “Yo, dummy, you just sold your first book!”

I hooted, hollered, and did the happy dance, or maybe it was a hoochie-coochie dance.

After I called several people and calmed down to a level 8 on a scale of 10, I went out and bought a case of champagne. Oh yeah, and drank plenty! Yes, I shared some with friends including my hairdresser because I had a hair appointment that night. Can’t miss that!

I called my parents first and told my father who thought I was kidding. Nice! Why was it I called him again??

What’s your writing schedule like?

My writing schedule depends on my day job. If I’m not working, I get up at 5 AM and after a workout, I am in my home office writing until about 2:30 PM.

When I am working a day job, like now, I do a small amount in the evenings when I am not exhausted, but most of the times I write like a demon on the weekends.

If working, it can take me anywhere from 6 months and up to write a novel. If not working, I can write a novel in as little as 3 months.

What has surprised you most about being an author?

Great question. What has surprised me most about being an author has been the amount of enthusiasm and feedback the readers have shown for my books. I LOVE getting letters from readers! I like finding out what they liked, the pictures of them reading my book emailed to me, or just plain thanking me for writing a book that they could not put down.

For someone who has not achieved the NYT Best Seller list, yet, it is a real hoot to have people contact me and share their thoughts and ask me when the next story is scheduled for release because they don’t think they can wait or when will Jake’s story be out.

What advice can you give aspiring writers?

Do not just aspire – Write! I meet many people who talk about wanting to write a book, to which I say, “Then write it.”

In the publishing industry, it is passion and persistence that will get you through and every “no” is worth it for the one “yes” that you will receive if you do not give up. If you want to be a writer then go make it happen!

You write suspense and mysteries, any desire to write another subgenre (historical, paranormal)?

I actually just finished my fourth novel in July and while it is still a techno-romantic thriller, it has paranormal elements. It was fun and I added that element in because of some research I did on government robotic systems. Neat stuff! You have to read all about it.

You call your writing techno-romantic thrillers. Can you explain what that is?

[Rubbing my hands together] Every author has a brand. . .something about them or their stories that makes them theirs. Mine is the fact that every action-adventure story I have written or write (at least for now) has a mystery/suspense based around technology or the mystery is solved using technology. To add that extra sense of reality to my stories, I incorporate these two characters, hero and heroine, who meet and work together to solve the mystery while a relationship smolders between them.

What are you working on now? Can you give us a favorite line or blurb from your current work in progress?

My current WIP does not have a title yet, but suffice it to say there are men wearing ladies’ clothing in the story. And yes, there will be technology in it.

Here is a small blurb from what I currently call my “pink undie” story:

When she discovered her date wore pink women’s underwear with frills, Jane did not stick around to find out what else he may or may not have. She bugged out. Running for the door in high heels, she never even glanced back at the deep voice that yelled for her to wait. In spite of running short of breath, she never even considered stopping until the deep voice yelled, “Stop, police.”

Out of all of your books, do you have a favorite or a favorite character? Or, which character is most like you?

This is an easy question. My favorite character is Jake. Jake is the hunkiest, Southern drawl speakin’, smart as a whip, smooth as molasses, sweeter than honey, great butt in a pair of jeans, and wicked smart with a sense of humor hero. Jake is so hot, every woman, including my publisher wants to meet him in person. But I have first dibs!

As for which character am I most like. . .I guess you’ll have to read the books to find out. Then you tell me.

Where can we find you on the web? (facebook, blog, website)

http://www.deniserobbins.com/, http://deniserobbins.blogspot.com/, @dkrobbins on Twitter, www.facebook.com/deniserobbins

What do you do when you’re not writing? Any Hobbies?

Dream about writing. HA!

In the spring, summer timeframe, I love to be outside in my garden and yard planting more and more flowers or sitting on my deck where I get to hear the kids scream on the old wooden roller coaster at the amusement park behind my house. When I can, I like going scuba diving. . .but only in warm water.

In the fall and winter, I enjoy chilling out in front of a fire, making homemade soups or trying new recipes, and snowboarding.

A special thanks to Denise for stopping by!

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