I have to admit when I emailed Jayne Ann Krentz asking her to interview on my blog, I wasn’t expecting a yes. After all, this is the woman who writes under three different names. She wouldn’t have time for little ole’ me. Shockingly, she said yes! After getting over my initial surprise, I managed to type up some questions.

Really, do I need to introduce her? Okay, even though you all know her, as a formality I will … She’s written historicals under Amanda Quick, suspense under Jayne Ann Krentz and futuristic under Jayne Castle. She’s published so many books that I can’t even began to count them and of course she’s a New York Times Best Seller.
Join me in welcoming Jayne Ann Krentz to the blog!

Do you have a favorite book, or book you’re most proud of?

My favorite book is always the one I’m working on at the moment.

I’ve always loved your historicals under your pen name, Amanda Quick. I’m not much of a futuristic reader, but I’d love to give them a try. What would you say to a person hesitant to give your more contemporary books a read?

If you like my kinds of characters and the mix of romance and suspense that I do, you’ll probably enjoy any of my three worlds. Regardless of the era, my heroes and heroines share fundamental values and worldviews. They exhibit the ancient historical virtues: courage, honor, integrity, determination and the ability to love.

What does change between my worlds is the kind of plots that I can do. In fact, it was writing a futuristic years ago that made me decide to fire up my historical career. I realized that, at its heart, SHIELD’S LADY was a classic “Marrige of Convenience” story. It didn’t sell well as a futuristic but the historical market was a perfect fit for that kind of plot. That’s when I decided to invent Amanda Quick.

You certainly don’t seem afraid to try something new. What made you decide to jump into the futuristic and paranormal category?

The first book I ever wrote was a paranormal futuristic. It never sold because there was absolutely no market for it. At the time there wasn’t even a name for the sub-genre! So, I backed out of that end of the market and took a look at contemporary, instead. But since the start of my career I have always been drawn to romantic-suspense with a psychic twist so when the paranormal thing got hot, I jumped in with my version of it. Now, with my Arcane Society series, I’m writing all three elements in each of my three worlds. I am a very happy camper.

Of all of the sub-genres you write— historical, contemporary and futuristic— do you favor any over the other?

No. In fact, I find it very refreshing to move back and forth between my three different worlds.

How do you decide what to work on next? Do your editors have a say? Or do you pretty much write whatever genre you feel the need to write next?

I write according to what comes up next on my contract.

You’re a huge advocate of romance books. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say that romance is smut. What do you say to people who belittle the romance genre?

I never engage in conversations with such rude people. If anyone seriously wants to know how I defend the genre they are free to pick up a copy of the book I wrote a few years ago together with several author friends. The title is DANGEROUS MEN AND ADVENTUROUS WOMEN: ROMANCE WRITERS ON THE APPEAL OF THE ROMANCE. It was edited by me and published by the University of Pennsylvania Press. It is still in print.

I know you struggled to get published and contemplated giving up many times. What made you keep going and is there any advice you can give other struggling writers?

Writing is an addiction for me. Heaven knows I tried to quit a thousand times during the six long years it took me to get published. I think that if you were born to write, you just cannot stop. The single most important piece of advice I can give struggling writers is to join Romance Writers of America. As a member you can learn more about the business of writing in six months than I did in those six long years going it alone.

Is there any genre you’d like to write that you haven’t yet?

Nope. So far I’ve been able to fit everything I’ve ever wanted to write into the romance genre. This is the genre where my core story truly belongs. I can’t see myself ever leaving it.

A woman who reads my blog and loves your books, wanted me to ask: “What made you think of dust bunnies in your Harmony books? I love them! They remind me of my cat, except smaller.”

I have always loved putting animals in my books, usually dogs because they fit into a lot of plots. When I started the Harmony series it was the perfect opportunity to invent a new kind of pet: a small, scruffy little predator with a psychic twist.

What do you do when you’re not writing? Any hobbies?

In addition to writing, I love to cook. I think I enjoy it because, unlike a book which takes forever to complete, you get instant gratification with cooking.

Where can we find you on the web?


Thanks for having me here today!

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