I love doing author interviews. Every author has such an interesting life story to tell. You may have noticed I’m trying to personalize the interviews a bit to make them more exciting. But what is amazing is that even with the same questions, the stories are all so different. One thing, though, remains the same. When asked what advice they can give to aspiring writers, its pretty clear. Keep writing, don’t give up!

On a side note, I’m working on getting an interview with someone who is one of my very favorite authors; an author I’ve admired for a long time. I won’t mention who yet, in case it falls through. She’s rather popular and busy, as you can imagine. But if you go back through my old posts, you may find a hint! Until then, here is a list of upcoming interviews to tempt you!

Alexandra Benedict!

Mary Blayney!


Debra Mullins!

So how about you. Any favorite authors you’d like me to interview? And no, I don’t think I can get Nora Roberts or Stephenie Meyer. 😉