Well, its travel day, which is my new idea for Wednesday’s post because I had nothing else to write about. Just kidding! Kind of. 😉 But mostly it’s because I love to travel, as most do. Today I’m taking you to Mackinac Island, Michigan.

Years ago, before we had a little one, my husband and I drove to the very north of Michigan to visit an island we’d heard wonderful things about. Mackinac Island is accessible only by private boat or ferry. There are no cars on the island, so you have to rely on horse drawn carriages or bicycles.

The history of the place is phenomenal with British, French and of course Native Americans all living there at one time. If you can stay overnight on the island, I highly recommend it although it is cheaper to stay on the mainland. There are many beautiful Victorian Inns and B&B’s. One hotel, the Grand Hotel, was actually the setting for the movie Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. A very romantic movie, indeed.

The island itself is a natural wonder with cliffs and rock outcroppings. The beach is full of polished fossils called Petoskey Stones, which are basically fossilized pieces of coral that have been tumbled and smoothed by the lake waters for thousands of years.

The Island contains a little downtown area, with a main road that has plenty of B&Bs, stores (they’re known for their homemade fudge) and restaurants. Besides the many historical B&Bs, there are a couple old churches, a historical cemetery and a military fort that now serves as a museum. The Fort is up on a bluff overlooking the bay and island and was built by the English in the late 1700s, which you probably know is old for the United States. At the Fort there is a little cafe (called the Tea Room) with outdoor seating that I highly recommend, mostly for the view.

There is a lilac festival in the Spring, which I’m sure is beautiful. We went in the fall when it was a bit cooler, but not nearly as crowded. The island is small enough so that you can bike around the entire perimeter. Even though it’s small, the history, charm and beauty make it totally worth the trip. Really the place is as good as any Eastern Coast island or town.

Just to let you know, the pictures weren’t taken by me, but some I found on their website. When we visited there were no digital cameras yet. I know, crazy! But I really don’t feel like these pictures do the place justice. It’s truly beautiful.

I highly recommend you visit Mackinac Island if you’re in the area (Michigan or Canada)! You won’t be disappointed.