Wild Heart is traveling abroad! I just found out that a publisher/book buyer in Thailand has purchased Wild Heart. What does this mean? I have no clue. But from what I can gather, selling overseas is pretty much like selling here. They bought the book from Kensington/me. I’ll receive a small (very small) advance. Part of that advance will go to Kensington. The other part (whenever I get it, will be used to buy curtains for my office:) And like here, once my sales have paid back that advance, I’ll start getting royalties. Sad thing, my editor basically told me not to hold my breath, it could be up to two years before my book comes out there, which means up to two years until I start getting any royalties.

But still very cool indeed to know that my book will be translated into another language! I’ll also get a new cover. My friend and fellow Kensington author Kimberly Killion sold overseas in 2009. Just to show you how different overseas covers can be, on the left you’ll find her original cover and on the right her cover in Germany. Cool, isn’t it?