The Ghost Hunter
This is why I’d traveled all night on a plane? This is why I’d left my job and my fiancé?
I slipped my sunglasses atop my head, thinking perhaps the lenses were smudged and affecting my vision. But no, fingerprints weren’t at fault—this was a pub of horrors.
“Needs a bit of work, but it’s got lots of hidden potential.”
I glanced across the front garden, then looked in disbelief at the estate agent. She posed in her navy pencil skirt and jacket, a red smile pasted across her tanned face, her perfection mocking me. Not a hair out of place, not a piece of lint on her outfit and she could, under the direst of circumstances, spin a positive. I almost started clapping.
So starts my manuscript, The Ghost Hunter. As I mentioned the other day, I’m working on a contemporary paranormal. As an author, I just can’t quite decide what subgenre I want to write in, so I write…well, many. Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal, and Young Adult, I want to give them all a try! Many people frown on this, wanting you to focus on one subgenre. But I just can’t help myself!
I wrote The Ghost Hunter over a year ago, but set it aside when I sold Wild Heart. Now I’m going back through the manuscript, attempting to clean the pages. Hopefully it will sell.
The Ghost Hunter is about Ashley Hunter, a woman who inherits a haunted Pub in England and when she moves in, she must confront her past and her powers. With the help of some secondary characters, she goes about “cleaning” out her pub.
So who are these characters?

There’s Kylie, Ashley’s friend who also happens to be a witch. I caught an episode of BBC’s Being Human the other night. Excellent show, if you get BBC America. Actress Lenora Crichlow plays a ghost on the show. She fits Kylie perfectly.

Then there’s Devon, one of Ashley’s love interests. I knew when I started writing the book, who would play this part. Another BBC actor. He played Robin Hood in the BBC version, Jonas Armstrong. Robin Hood is another awesome BBC show.

And then there’s Cristian, Ashley’s other love interest. Every time I write about Cristian, I picture actor Gerard Butler. Not shocking, who wouldn’t picture him when writing about a strong, charming Scot?

But that leaves me with Ashley herself. It’s always most difficult for me to picture the heroine for some reason. Could it be I don’t want to share my story with another woman? lol.

Who is Ashley? Well, she’s a bit hardened, but deep down, somewhat insecure. She has long dark hair and hazel or light colored eyes. Perhaps Megan Fox? No, she’s just too…much, but her coloring fits. So help me out, can you think of anyone else who would fit?
I’ll let you know if the book sells!
P.S. I have an interview coming up with Kensington author Allegra Gray!