Many authors eventually get professional pictures done for their books and promotion. I’d never thought to get mine done because, well, frankly I figured I couldn’t afford them. But fortunately at the writers conference I recently attended, they had photographers on site from One Six Studios. They offered a fabulous price on pictures, a price I couldn’t pass up. Soooo…..I got my pictures taken.

Okay, I admit, it was a rather awkward experience. Something happens when you become a mom, you never get your picture taken again. There are a variety of reasons for this, but mostly because you’re the one always taking the pictures and I admit, you feel a little bad about your body and don’t want to be in the picture. So yeah, it was very very uncomfortable for me and the words “smile like you mean it” got really old.

But there was also a little part of me that did enjoy it, after I was able to relax a bit. What person doesn’t like to get their makeup done and dress up?

So here they are, my pictures. To complete the cirlce of awkwardness, I figured I’d just post them out in the open for you all to see.
P.S. I’m not actually climbing that tree, just standing beside it. 😉