As you may or may not know, the Brighton family is moving south. That’s right, I’ll soon be flying my Confederate flag while sipping tea on the veranda. But getting there is becoming an ordeal. First, we had to sell our house, which in this market wasn’t easy. Still, it happened. That wasn’t the problem. The problem is buying a new house. We found two that we loved. One went to someone else. But we’re holding out hope for the other. And still holding…and still holding…

You see the house is under pre-foreclosure. The owner accepted our offer rather quickly, now we’re waiting for her bank to accept it. And waiting…and waiting…and…well, you get the picture. It’s been almost two weeks!!!! We need a house asap, or we’ll be homeless. Okay, so we have people we can stay with, but still. My rant here is with the banks. And I understand, blah blah, they dont have the staff to deal with all of these homes, but come on people! I’ve heard horror stories of it taking months for a bank to approve a sale on a foreclosure home. Ridiculous. In the news, all we here about are banks whining that they have too many homes, they’re losing money, blah blah. Yet, here is a family, perfectly capable of buying a home, yet the bank is taking so long that we might have to say screw it and find another.

So another week passes, and still no word from the bank and we’re growing more desperate! As you can imagine, it’s rather difficult to write when I’m worried about where we’ll live in two weeks. Hopefully we’ll hear soon, today, tomorrow at the latest. Please?! If not, we may be knocking at your door for a place to stay…just for a day or two, of course.

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