It’s here! It’s here!
Check your bookstores!
Wild Heart has been released into the wild! Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your friend’s friends!

Okay, got that out of my system.

Today, I’m at Cafe of Dreams, seriously, this time I really am. 😉 I’m also at Romance Writers Revenge. And of course I’m giving out books. There’s also still time to enter the Anthea Lawson book giveaway, see below.

And….I received my second overseas review! Love Letters Magazine out of Germany loved my book! I’ve got an interview and a review in the Nov. issue. It’s in German, so not exactly sure what it says and google translator made it sound ridiculous…something about a “grown-man’s Wiesener.” Don’t even want to know what that means. Fortunately, my cousin sent it to his friend Gail who is going to translate. But with a quick glance she assured me its great. It’s listed as an issue favorite and something about being a brilliant start.

As for the first paragraph contest… Megan has sent me the finalists and unless I’m eaten by a bear while hiking today (yes, I’m going hiking on my release day because my son has school off and my husband isn’t working and they’d rather go hiking then visiting book stores), I will be announcing those finalists tomorrow. Good news is that instead of 20, there are 24! Bad news is that there are 24, which means a lot of people didn’t get picked. I know how it feels, believe me, I know. But just because you weren’t picked does not mean your book isn’t good. Wild Heart was rejected by about every agent it could be rejected by, and a few editors. Yet, its still coming out and the Germans love it! So if you don’t see your name tomorrow, don’t give up, or I will hunt you down and slap you.