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The other day I told you about my wonderful review from Love Letters Magazine out of Germany. Well, the amazing Gail translated and I’ve attached it below to share with you!

Lori Brighton
Wild Heart
Zebra, TB $4.99 (USA)

Sussex, England, 1855. Ella Finch was appointed governess by Lord Roberts, owner of the imposing and gloomy Sodalitas Castle, for his grandson, Leo Roberts. To her surprise, Ella discovers that this grandson is not a child, but rather a grown man. Leo had been missing for a long time in India, where his parents were murdered. Now, in order to get him to fit into English society again, Ella has to use all of her skills. Surprisingly, her ability to sense the emotions of animals also works with Leo, which plunges her into confusion. Primarily because her student is more interested in his dapper teacher, who distracts him from his revenge for the death of his parents. Soon, Ella also wants to help him not only out of a sense of duty.

Wild Heart is Lori Brighton’s debut novel, which has gotten her off on a brilliant start in the historical romance novel genre. She skillfully connects the sensitivity of Ella toward animals as well as people with the taciturnity of Leo, who displays much of the wildness and reclusiveness of a beast. From the first meeting of the two, a special connection between them appears, which includes passion and sentimental moments. The paranormal elements are used extremely sparingly, so even historical romance novel readers can confidently enjoy the book. A hidden, sensual and deeply romantic dance scene is only one of the many highlights in Wild Heart. (JW)

How wonderful is that? Thanks to Julia at Love Letters for that awesome review!

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