This weekend I attended a meeting for romance writers in the area. It was my first meeting and I was eager to meet my fellow authors. Upon arriving at the hotel, I got to listen to Mae Nunn talk about her road to publication and graciously answer questions from budding authors. One thing she said that stood out, sometimes its better not to know what you’re doing. lol. Too much knowledge can hold us back with fear!

At my lunch table, I was seated with Inspirational authors Missy Tippens and Debby Giusti. Both were incredibly kind and answered all my questions without rolling their eyes in exasperation.
The wonderful Haywood Smith was the guest speaker. The woman is hilarious and if you ever have a chance to meet her, you must!

And finally, I was able to meet my fellow Kensington author Beverley Kendall. I’ve been talking to Beverley for quite awhile but only just now was able to meet her in person. She was just as I thought she’d be, a whirlwind of fun and kindness.
Bev’s book comes out in January. Her cover is gorgeous. Take a look! Even better, Bev is having a contest! Bev has a great site where people can visit and find out what the latest release is. Right now, Bev is having a month long contest. Sign up and she’s giving away 4 books a day!!!!
Here’s the link, if you’re interested.