Since my book is coming out very soon, I’m going to have to start signing copies. My problem is…what do I write?

I grabbed a few signed books to see what other authors have written. Want to know?
I got to meet author Jade Lee at the writers conference I recently attended. In one word, awesome. Jade Lee is freaking awesome. If you ever have a chance to talk to her or attend her workshop, do it! I was a volunteer at a book signing. She was signing her books nearby and had only one book left. She comes up to me, shoves the book in my hand and tells me to take it. lol. I said, okay! The book is an anthology called These Boots Were Made For Stomping.
Inside Jade wrote, “To Lori- Kick Butt!” lol. If you’ve met Jade, you know that totally goes with her personality.
Jennifer St. Giles who writes paranormals wrote, “Believe in the magic of love.”
Kimberly Killion wrote, “Remember to fall in love every day.”
And Raven Hart who writes Vampire books just signed her name.
Hmm, so what should I sign? I’d like to keep it simple. A word or two and my name. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Leave a comment or suggestion. I’m giving away a signed copy of The Vampire’s Seduction and The Vampire’s Secret by Raven Hart, one of the sweetest author’s I’ve met. One person will win!