I haven’t had many reviews for my newest release, a historical romance called To Seduce an Earl, but the reviews I’ve gotten have been for the most part, wonderful. Check out the newest on The Season. I love it when reviewers “get” my books and the points I’m trying to make. And yes, I actually do have points in my stories! They just slip in sometimes.
I have to admit that the good reviews are incredibly satisfying. I wrote this book about two years ago and queried the usual N.Y. publishers. I had high hopes for the book and good feelings about it. Immidiately, editors were interested. They wanted to see more, they wanted to talk about sales, they wanted to talk to their bosses. Unfortunately these editors were assistant editors and I have a feeling they were shot down by the higher ups.
When it came down to the end, I had the book with on last publisher. This was a smaller publisher who paid very little, but it was my last chance. The editor had me totally rewrite the book in a way I hated. Rewriting it went against everything I believed, but, figuring it would be better to be published than not, I did what she asked. After a few months she rejected it, saying that the premise, a man who worked in a brothel, was just too unbelievable. At the time I was shocked and devestated, as you could imagine. After all, she had said nothing about the premise being unbelievable and I had just made major changes for her. Now, I’m so glad she rejected it. I was able to write the book the way I wanted to and self publish it on my own.
It just goes to show you that when something happens that might seem horrible at the moment, you’ll never know what will happen in the future. I’m so grateful for self publishing and the ability to publish books that might not see the light of day otherwise.