The winner of Cait London’s book is….

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I know, you’re all wondering what happened to Warm Fuzzy Friday. Well, I’m still on vacation and I didn’t get a chance to post anything. But it has certainly been a warm, fuzzy week. We’re at Disney World, the Happiest Place on Earth.
The colors, the sights, sounds, smells are overwhelming and there is no better place to gather inspiration for a book idea than Disney World. About a year ago after riding the Haunted Mansion, I came up with an idea for a Ghost book. I’m hoping to sell that book next. This trip, I came up with my own version of Cinderella. I can’t wait to get started on it!
If you have a chance to go to Disney, take it. But be aware, it can be overwhelming. Crowds, expenses and heat don’t mix well. Here are some tips if you plan on going in the near future.
1. If you can only go to one park, go to Magic Kingdom.
2. Go early! Get to the park at least 15 mins before it opens. The park gets busier as the day goes on.
3. Use fast passes for popular rides! They’re totally worth it.
Be aware that Disney World is huge. You can’t possibly get through it all in one day. In fact, you can’t even get through all of Magic Kingdom in one day. If you get there early and use fast passes, you can see most of the place.
Most importantly, enjoy it! Yes, there are kids throwing fits, the crowds are thick, the heat intense, but if you’re miserable, you’re not doing it right! Hmm, good motto for life!
Coming up soon is an interview with Rita Nominee Gwyn Cready!
P.S. Speaking of happiest places on earth, I just read an article that listed the happiest Countries. Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands rated at the top of the list. Perhaps we all need to move!