Yes, its time for another installment of The Writing Process. Yesterday, I found out my print run. Print run is how many of my books they’ve printed and are sending out into the world. But print run isn’t the only thing you have to worry about. Sales is probably more important, how many books of that print run you sell. So keep your fingers crossed that people see my book and can’t resist but buy it.

But I want to focus on something else for a moment. Borders. I like Borders a lot. For some reason every time I can’t seem to find a book, I always find it in Borders. But after this week, I like Borders even more. The buyer for Borders, a wonderful woman, freely gives out a list of her stores to authors. All you have to do is email her. I got the list of about 150 stores in major cities. About half the list had email addresses for the buyers or managers of each store. Email addresses were great because I’ve already spent too much promoting my book. So yesterday I spent a good four hours emailing all the stores I could and figured even if only one store buys my book that hadn’t, great.
So far I’ve heard back from two stores. The wonderful Kristi in Maui wrote back right away saying she checked and they already have my book coming. It was a thrilling moment for me. My book is going to be in Hawaii! It definitely makes the experience more real.
This morning Ellen in CA wrote to say that their buyer is going to up the order a tad in CA. How awesome is that?!
After searching fruitlessly for email addresses at other stories (ahem, damn Walmart!), it was so nice to find a store that is author friendly. A store that actually wants to carry authors, and more importantly, new and romance authors.
So if you’re off to search for a book this week and a Borders is nearby, do me a favor and stop in!