Hi all! Hope you had a great week. Thanks to my editor, Megan, I finally have the title for my second Kensington book. Ready for it?

Wild Desire

Wild Desire will star Colin from Wild Heart. If you’ve read Wild Heart you’ll remember that Colin is Ella’s cousin and just like Ella, he has a special ability. This second book will be out March 2011. It was really fun to write and has a lot of adventure, paranormal and a lot of romance! Hopefully soon I’ll have a blurb and excerpt for you.

Monday will be my last scheduled blog at All I Want And More. It was a really fun interview and of course I’ll be giving out a copy or two of Wild Heart.

Have a great weekend and to add a little laughter to your Friday, I’ll leave you with this clip (I totally want a Sassy Gay Friend now!):