I’ve gotten a few emails from readers asking for a bookmark, poster, something to go along with The Mind Readers Series. 

I finally have something…. trading cards! It’s a big thing right now in the romance community and readers have been collecting them for awhile. As of now I have two cards; one representing Cameron and one for Nora.

Here’s the thing… I can’t mail them to everyone. I’d go bankrupt by postage alone!
How can you get them?

Check my Facebook and Blog. Periodically I’ll be doing contests and giving away the cards. All you’ll have to do is leave your name in the comments section.

As for contests… we’ll start it off now! Leave your name if you’d like to be entered to win a trading card of Cameron and Nora (that’s two cards). I’ll pick three winners!

-Want an extra bonus entry? Join my facebook page and let me know you did in the comments section, along with your name!

-Want another extra entry? Leave a review for The Mind Readers (book 1) where ever you downloaded the book, and send me the link (and to be fair, no, it doesn’t have to be positive).

If you friend me on facebook, make sure you let me know you’re entering the contest, otherwise I’ll just think you’re friending me 🙂
P.S. These cards are small, 2.5 x 3.5

Here’s the front of both cards:

And these are the backs: