Sometimes it’s harder to get an agent than an Editor and even if you get an agent or an editor, it doesn’t mean they’re going to be good. (not going to be your best friend) Me, bev, kim all got contracts when we couldn’t get an agent). Just because you can’t get an agent doesn’t mean your book sucks. Truth, there are very, very few super good agents, the others are only good for reading over your contract. But if you can’t get an agent it doesn’t mean you can’t query editors. Drochester, sourcebooks and kensington are very open to queries. They can also take a hellaof a long time to respond. Berkley and Avon are two other publishers you can query without an agent. Query agents first though, because even if you don’t get one, they might offer interesting feedback.

You can wait anywhere from a year to two years for your book to come out. It was a little over a year from the time I signed my contract until my first book was out. 16 months divides my first and second book. Why? Who knows.

The money you make most likely won’t be enough to live on. Look at show me the money. Advance for Kensington is 3,000. That means, yes, you will most likely only make 3,000 that first year. And probably at the most 3,000 the next year.

Expect to spend most of your advance on Promoting. Typical things authors buy: ads and bookmarks.

Just because you’ve been published once doesn’t mean you will be again.

So why do it? Because lets face it, for most writers its a dream to hold that book in your hands and share your story with thousands. There is the possibility that you can make enough money and do your dream job. If you find the right editor your publishing career can be amazing and wonderful.