Wow, is it Friday already? Hope your week went well. If not, here’s hoping you have a great weekend. To spur you forward into weekend bliss, I give you Warm Fuzzy Feeling Friday, the day when I report or share something heartfelt or funny. And I have so much to share! First of all, its spring! Finally. Robins are nesting, trees are blooming and flowers are bursting to life. How can we not be happy?

To start with, here are the winners of the $10 gift card to Barnes and Noble and the signed copy of my cover flat…




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While on Facebook this week, I came across this post. Whether you’re a struggling writer or a struggling anything, this article by Toni McGee Causey is completely inspirational. Definitely worth the read.

But hold on, it doesn’t end there! Feel like some good news? Sure you do!

There’s been a lot of focus on money lately and 99% is negative. But there is that one percent floating around out there, that little bit of good news that keeps us going. For instance, I saw this new story just the other day. It seems an anonymous donor has given over forty million dollars to nine universities. No one knows who the person is and part of the stipulation is that the universities will not try to uncover the truth. The donor has made it mandatory that most of the money be used for scholarships. Sorry, Colleges, no pointless clock towers!

Even better is a story that comes from Sweden. When church pastors asked for donations for international aid projects, an elderly woman who spoke broken Swedish came forward with a worn, brown envelope. It was only later, when the woman was long gone, that the church officials opened the envelope to find about 12,000 dollars! The mysterious donor still has not been identified!

And lastly, while we hear over and over again about companies failing, firing employees and lowering pay, one company has done the opposite. Apparently, the craft store Hobby Lobby is giving their employees a raise! Full time staff will make $10 or more, that’s compared to the $6.55 that’s currently minimum wage. A company giving raises? Shocking!

One more piece of great news. Make sure to come back Saturday! I’m posting an interview with the amazing Amanda Quick! Yes, the Amanda Quick!

As for the clip of the week, its horrible! Horribly hilarious! I saw this clip months ago and it cracked me up. Mary Poppins has always been a favorite and this was so unexpected that I couldn’t help but laugh. Couldn’t figure out how to get the darn thing on my blog, so here’s a link! Warning, if you don’t want your Mary Poppins tainted, don’t watch!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Because Aaron had a crappy week and asked for a picture of a kitten, here you go! Hope it helps. You know you love it, Amy!