Is it Friday already?!

If you’re waiting to get a prize from any recent contests, fear not, they’re coming! I’ve had a time finding the post office in my new location. Sorry about the wait, but I promise, your prizes will be arriving!

Now, you’re mandatory cute and cuddly picture…

In news, I came upon this article on the internet,

“Happiness: 3 amazing tips from the world’s oldest case study,” which claims three lessons to happiness:

1) Have a healthy outlook. In other words have a sense of humor and find an outlet for stress.

2) Don’t take yourself too seriously. Accept and enjoy life.

3) Happiness must be shared. Maintain meaningful relationships with family and friends.

It’s a great article and rather short. Definitely worth the read.

Let’s face it, news on the environment is usually rather depressing. What goes unnoticed are those stories in which some amazing new species has been found. I’m always in awe when scientists discover a previously undiscovered animal or insect. Just when you think you know the world, it surprises you. Take this article in which scientists just recently discovered a multitude of new species in the mountains of Ecuador. It definitely makes you wonder what else is out there!

And for your clip of the week…

I don’t know much about singer Lily Allen, but when I watched this video of her song Chinese being sung by a Children’s Choir, I immediately fell in love with her music. This rendition is not only beautiful, but also emotional! Makes you want to go hug your mom!

Have a good weekend everyone!